Louvre Mirror


This aluminum mirror is inspired by the classic louvres that allow ventilation in windows. Perfect to hang on your wall or stand on a cabinet or fireplace.




This Louvre Mirror is inspired by the classic fixed louvres that used to be fitted on top of roof holes in large kitchens to allow ventilation while keeping out rain and snow. The louvres on this mirror give the product a window-like feel because of the transparency that makes it possible to see the surface behind the mirror.

Design: Ivan Kasner (2017)
Size: single:  50×70 cm – double: 100×70 cm
Material: Aluminum, glass




About the designer

The Louvre Mirror is new in the 2017 collection of Anno Benk. It was designed by by co-founder Ivan Kasner. Since graduating from the Design Academy (2005), he has worked as an independent designer for several international well-known brands. Ivan believes that every generation deserves its own decor: products enabling people to feel at home in their own time.


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